Farm and Food Work Relief





The Farm and Food Workers Relief Program was created, through USDA funding, to offset unexpected costs brought on by COVID-19, such as purchasing protective gear, paying for testing, and costs associated with quarantine requirements for both agricultural and meatpacking workers.

Eligible agricultural and meatpacking workers, can apply through Cherokee Nation for a one-time flat payment of $600.

Cherokee Nation will grant priority to members of federally recognized tribes across the US, with secondary priority granted to all eligible workers within the Cherokee Nation Reservation in NE Oklahoma.

There are 15 grantees that serve other demographics/regions. All grantees and contact information can be found at:


Eligible applicants must:

-be 18 years or older

-be paid for at least one hour of agricultural work on a farm or ranch, or in a meat processing facility  between January 27, 2020 through May 11, 2023.

-be a citizen of a federally recognized tribe in the United States or a US citizen residing within the Cherokee Nation Reservation (priority is given to federally recognized tribal citizens if applying through Cherokee Nation)

-provide proof of identification (State or federally issued ID- driver’s license, passport, military ID)

-provide proof of employment (W2, 1099, employment letter, or paystubs)

-provide proof of tribal citizenship (Official tribal citizenship record with name, DOB, and address)